We Are Open! No Legacy || Literatura Electrónica

Last Friday we opened No Legacy || Literatura Electrónica (NL||LE), an exhibit curated by me and Élika Ortega now on display at the Bernice Layne Brown Gallery in Doe Library (right in the center of the University of California, Berkeley).

As part of the opening we had a morning symposium where we discussed the two main argumentative lines behind the curatorship of No Legacy: (1) material considerations about electronic literature (literary histories as compared to literary archeologies) with Dene Grigar, Roberto Cruz Arzabal and Élika Ortega, and (2) transatlantic and translinguistic perspectives in the study of global literature with Sandy Baldwin, Leo Flores and myself. In the evening opening reception, we had two wonderful readings by two of No Legacy’s showcased artists: U.S. poet Amaranth Borsuk, and Peruvian-Venezuelan writer Domenico Chiappe.

The round table section of the morning was streamed live by our friends at BIDS, but here is a permanent record in case you want check it out!

  1. Electronic Literature: History/ Archaeology / Artifacts
    1. Élika Ortega’s talk
    2. Dene Grigar’s talk
    3. Robert Cruz Arzabal’s talk
    4. Q&A
  2. Transatlantic / Transnational /Translinguistic perspectives on e-lit
    1. Alex Saum’s talk
    2. Sandy Balwdin’s talk
    3. Leo Flores’s talk
    4. Q&A

Although the opening reception was not filmed on video, here are some photos for you to enjoy!

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Finally, as project coordinator and curator of this show, I want to thank all of those who have helped make No Legacy the amazing exhibit it is. First and foremost, thanks to my co-curator, the wondrous Élika Ortega. Many thanks also to Claude Potts (Special Curator for our Print objects), Stephanie Lie (Lead Exhibition Designer), Aisha Hamilton (Library Exhibition Design Liaison), Cody Hennesy (Coordinator for Digital), Cristina Sá (Consultant for Portuguese), David Wong (Lead for Computer Infrastructure Support), as well as the many students that have helped with the design of the show: Grace, Keenan, Yairamarén, Michael, Ana, Madeleine, Lingyu, Yipu, Alexandra, and our student docent Sam Hunnicutt. [For a list of sponsors visit No Legacy’s site]