No Legacy || Opening Symposium

No.LEGACY_Symposium flyer

To celebrate the opening of the e-lit exhibit No Legacy || Literatura electrónica at UC Berkeley’s Doe Library, please join us in two round tables discussing critical approaches to electronic literature (at the Berkeley Institute for Data Science). In the afternoon, at 5:30 (at the Morrison Library), we’ll have an artist spotlight where two digital poets will offer readings of their work, followed by an opening tour of the exhibition space (Brown Gallery, Doe Library).

The two round tables will discuss the two main argumentative lines behind the curatorship of No Legacy: (1) material considerations about electronic literature (literary histories as compared to literary archeologies) with Dene Grigar, Élika Ortega and Roberto Cruz Arzabal, and (2) transatlantic and translinguistic perspectives in the study of global literature with Leonardo Flores, Sandy Baldwin, and myself. Invited artists, include U.S. poet Amaranth Borsuk, and Peruvian-Venezuelan writer Doménico Chiappe.

Please visit in March for further details and speaker’s bios.

To watch the symposium live, please visit BIDS YouTube channel [streaming begins at 10am PST]