E-lit at the DH Faire 2016

Last Wednesday I was happy to participate at the 3rd Digital Humanities Faire at Berkeley–and I am even happier to report that the Faire was a total success! Thanks to the Berkeley DH team for making this happen! (yay, Camille and Scott!)

Together with the talented Steph Lie, I talked about the making of No Legacy || Literatura electrónica, thinking particularly about this exhibit as a research project, one that should also be understood as process. If anything, I was interested in highlighting the radical nature of this claim when applied to literature, as this literary project involved the work of a huge network of experts in different disciplines, ranging from engineering to the digital arts. A type of procedural work that is intrinsic to the DH field, but not so much to literature. The talk was not recorded, but here are the Slides I showed:

…and this is more or less what I said: DHFaire1DHFaire2DHFaire3DHFaire4

Sharing our round table discussion, Lisa Wymore talked about her dance projects such as the Smith/Wymore Disappearing Acts company and their semi-intelligent computer system, and Rita Lucarelli talked about 3D modelling for Egyptian hieroglyph deciphering. It was fascinating to learn how all our three talks engaged with the idea of writing as an embodied experience, existing in ancient sarcophagus, the dancing human body, or the electric beauty of legacy computers and iPads.

After the talk, my e-lit undergraduate students participated at the Faire’s poster session where they shared their terrific work. They curated their classmates’ pieces, and they designed these beautiful posters: group 1poster poster group 2

It really was a terrific day celebrating DH and E-Lit on campus!