End of the Semester

culture of the trans spring16This semester I taught two wonderful classes that are now officially over. A graduate class on the culture of the Spanish Transition to democracy, where we had the opportunity of screening some of my favorite movies such as Zulueta’s Arrebato or López Cuerda’s Amanece que no es poco, as well as reading some beautiful novels like Llamazares’ La lluvia amarilla, and some poetry by my beloved Haro Ibars or the early Panero, among many, many others.

e-lit flyer

I also taught an exciting pilot DH class on electronic literature, this one at the undergraduate level, where students read and wrote about e-lit, but where they also created their own digital prose and poetry. The results of that class have well exceeded my expectations, as I explained in the blog of the class.

Now that summer approaches, I’ll keep working on my own research projects and new e-lit adventures… from Spain! I will be on sabbatical for the whole next academic year in Madrid… Stay tuned.