DIY Taroko Gorge Remix

Here’s how to create your own “Taroko Gorge” remix in # easy steps (stolen from Leonardo Flores‘ Digital Creative Writing Course, original post on November 21, 2014)

You will need:

  • A computer – smartphones and tablets aren’t good for this kind of job.
  • A plain text editor – word processing programs won’t work because they add code to the text. (Mac users have TextEdit)
  • A JavaScript debugger – (I’m partial to JSLint)
  • A service to host an HTML page. 


  1. Open “Taroko Gorge.
  2. Right click (or Ctrl-click if a Mac user) on the poem to view the source code.
  3. Save the source code on your computer.
  4. Open the source code in text editor.
  5. Change the data for the variables.
  6. Open file in browser to see generated results.
  7. Revise if necessary. Debug if necessary.
  8. Name your remix, changing title, filename, background colors, list of names, images, etc.
  9. Link back to Taroko Gorge, adding your name below Nick Montfort’s name.
  10. Upload remixed file to Web hosting service.